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Our #1 priority is you, the customer. We believe in our product and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your Slab Burgers’ experience as much as you do, which is why we offer the highest quality ingredients throughout our menu. In addition, Slab Burgers Support Team obligate to answer any enquirers about your experience through email, facebook, twitter, or even real time chat with us. Lunch & Dinner @ Slab Burgers, you can count on us.

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Endless Possibilities: 20+ Free Toppings & Sauces

Our 20+ FREE toppings and sauces options along with our unique premium white seame bun and handcrafted beef patty let you create your own signature flavor. These simple yet mouth watering options allow you to create at least ONE MILLION combination of flavor. No two versions of Slab Burger ever look the same, all burgers are handcrafted special for you guaranteed




Slab Sauce

Chipotle BBQ


Habareno Sauce

Caramalized Onions

Cripsy Onions



Cajun Rub

Wasabi Sauce


Dijon Mustard

Hot Pepper Relish

Banana Peppers

Crushed Pineapple




Ground Pepper

Honey Mustard

Simple Menu: Order FASTER

Slab Burgers Menu is loaded with Simple and Fast Feature, each menu item has its own meaningful purpose. We carefully collaborate them together and becomes today ultimate choice for our customers


Don't forget Free Toppings

Upgarde Your Side!

Single Slab Burger 5.59
Double Slab Burger 7.79
Grilled Chicken Breast Burger 7.59
Veggie Burger 6.39
Black Bean Burger 6.39
Wild Alaska Salmon Burger 7.59
Add Bacon 1.10+
Add Cheddar Cheese 1.00+
Add Combo 3.90+


Want a Deal Order Large

Want a Deal Order Large

Fresh Fries (S) 3.29
Fresh Freis (L) 5.89
Gravy (Memphis Style) 0.99
Onion Rings (S) 3.99
Onion Rings (L) 6.99
Poutine 5.59
Double Cheese on Poutine 2.20+
Green Salad 3.99
Green Salad w/ Chicken 5.99


Our Ultimate Series

Our Ultimate Series

Monster (Beef | Veggie | Black Bean) 9.99 12.19
Chicken Monster 10.99 13.99
Salmon Monster 10.79 13.79
XXX Bacon Burger 8.89 11.09
Triple Bacon&Cheese Burger 11.99
Extreme Spicy Chicken Breast 7.59 10.59
California Third Pounder 7.59 10.79
Chili Burger 8.39
Memphis Burger 5.59 7.79
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Seeking Business Partners? Here is a Good Start

Need a seamless and endless support? No worries, Slab Burgers Team includes a full line of field support and most advance digital platform offering service through numerous channel won’t leave you in the dark. Our custom design and unique support systems will help your business to shine.

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Ridiculously Pro Job:

Solid & Fresh

Many concepts claim offer a quick setup, turn key & full training package , but leave you dealing with several ridiculous headache with missing instructions or confusing guide line during the middle of your disaster. Who wants to do that? We sure don’t. Slab Burgers truly offers a detail oriented guide line, easy access library & flexible contact channel to resolve your disaster.

Review any our guide through our digital platform or our apps from different places and device at any time, click or search the right content or even create a priority ticket (including a real time response ticket from us) advise on the content you are reviewing, content including from how to create 1st business plan to where to obtain your licenses.   It doesn’t get any easier, our concept and platform is a state of art supporting system you deserve. 

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