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Our Menu


Single Slab Burger
Quadruple Slab Burger
Double Slab Burger
Grilled Chicken Breast Burger
Veggie Burger
Black Bean Burger
Wild Alaska Salmon Burger
Halal Beef Burger
Crunchy Chicken Burger
Beyond Meat Burger
Lamb Burger
Triple Slab Burger
Halal Grilled Chicken Burger


Fries (Small | Medium | Large)
Gravy (Beef | Vegan)
Onion Rings (Small | Medium | Large)
Classic Poutine (Small | Medium | Large )
Mushroom Poutine (Small | Medium | Large )
Hotter Than Hell Poutine (Small | Medium | Large )
Double Down Poutine (Medium | Large )
Sweet Potato Fries (Small | Medium | Large)
Classic Wings (5pcs | 10 pcs)
Chopped Cert. Angus Beef Poutine (Medium | Large)
Chopped Chicken Poutine (Small | Medium | Large)
Chicken Tender (5 pcs | 10 pcs)
Fish and Chips (2 pcs | 4 pcs | 6 pcs) (GUINNESS)
Chopped Bacon Poutine (Small | Medium | Large)


Monster Burger (Grilled Cheese Bun Burger)
The American
California 3rd Pounder
XXX Bacon Burger
Triple Bacon&Cheese Burger
Extreme Chicken Breast (Grilled | Crispy)
Guacamole Hawaii
Chili Burger
Bacon Memphis Burger
The surf & turf
Osaka Burger
Classic Grilled Cheese
Bacon Grilled Cheese

Endless Possibilities: Unlimited Free Toppings & Sauces

With 20+ FREE tempting toppings & flavor-rich sauces means you’ll never have the same burger twice.
Add to that our premium white lightly toasted sesame bun and a fresh beef patty made by hand, and you’ll be on your way to creating your own signature Slab Burger for lunch, dinner, or anytime!